The Air Force Pilot That Did Not Fly

By Maggie BowersMaggie Bowers

He was following me, after I had told him to wait on the floored section of the attic. I walked out on the joists still talking to him with my back to him…he followed me and before I knew it I heard the gypsum board nails popping (weird sound). I turned from inspecting the gable vent screen to find him coming toward me, silently (on the soft insulation)…probably trying to hear what I was saying.

I yelled at him like a bad little boy “Are you on the ceiling joists? Get on the joists, the wood, there! Now!”

He hopped up like a cat and landed on the joists.

I breathed a sigh of relief. He was more than 18 feet above a hardwood floor with only a few nails and some gyp board supporting him. I didn’t tell him. I made a mental note:
#1. Do not turn your back and talk to a client, and
#2. Do not take your eyes off of your client around electric panels, attics, crawlspaces, and ladders, and
#3 Having the client and the Realtor there makes for the best Home Inspection because the client lets you know their priorities and lends you their eyes, and the Realtor keeps the client out of trouble while you complete the inspection.

Although he was a pilot for the air force; I had no interest in seeing him fly in person.