Two Tips – Photographing Drywall Cracks and Organizing your Batteries

By Wilson Fausel Wilson Fausel

1) Highlighting Drywall Cracks
Often we need to photograph cracks in walls, above doors or windows but when using the flash on a camera, they may not show up. I carry a small LED flashlight, and lay it flat on the wall and then take the picture without the flash. The cracks and shadows show up quite well.

2) Keeping up with AA & AAA batteries
Keeping up with extra AA or AAA batteries for cameras and recorders can be frustrating. They get lost in the console, glove box, between the seats or sometimes magically just disappear. To keep up with the batteries, I use 3 prescription pill bottles. The small one holds 4 – 5 AAA batteries, the large one holds 6+ AA batteries and the mid sized one is for discharged batteries so I know which ones need to be recharged. On the back of each pill bottle I use 2 Velcro strips stuck to the bottle and the back of my briefcase to keep the bottles in the corner. These pill bottles have terminated the frustrating battery hunt.